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Our Approach

Ethos provides hands-on collaboration with both donors and charities to advance the important work that is bettering our lives and our communities.

By helping donors translate their core values and priorities into meaningful giving, Ethos ensures that resources are focused and leveraged to have more meaningful impact on the causes that matter most to them.

By helping charities increase organizational capacity and grow their base of support, Ethos advances their effectiveness, and helps them build and maintain confidence from those who give.

By doing both, we are able to inspire and reinforce the highest ideals of philanthropy.

Our Experience

Patrick Hayes is the Founder and Principal of Ethos Philanthropy Resources LLC, an independent consulting service.  With more than 20 years of communications and non-profit management, fund-raising, and leadership experience, he has demonstrated true passion for his work, a collaborative spirit, creativity, adaptability and a clear focus on impact. Patrick’s career has been built around a resolve to positively impact the vital work of charities, with strong conviction and the highest level of integrity. Throughout his career, he has brought organizations to higher levels of effectiveness by building resources, forging alliances, and turning over stones often left unexplored.

Patrick has raised funds for local and national organizations, both large and small.  He most recently served as the Vice President of Resource Development with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver (BGCMD), where he oversaw a department responsible for securing more than $14 million in annual revenue.  Through measures to control fund-raising expenses and elevate public accountability and transparency, Patrick helped BGCMD attain Charity Navigator’s Four-Star Rating for three consecutive years.

During his career, he has represented causes ranging from medical research and conservation to education and the arts.  He has built resource development operations from the ground up, worked with philanthropists on legacy planning, developed national partnerships between non-profits and corporations, led capital campaigns, and managed the transformation and growth of all-volunteer based charities.

Patrick earned his undergraduate degree in journalism from Oklahoma State University, and holds a Master of Environmental Policy & Management from the University of Denver.  Beyond his professional endeavors, Patrick has contributed to causes he cares about through volunteer efforts at home and abroad, serving in volunteer roles in South Africa, India, Peru, Costa Rica, Belize, and Thailand.  He is a strong believer in earning one’s blessings by helping others, and the incredible power of giving.