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The Non-Profit Overhead Debunk


Some trends take time to fully evolve.  But the recent rattling over how misguided it is to judge a charity based solely on it overhead costs seems to have come to a speedy resolution.

Case in point: the three most prominent charity evaluation entities have joined forces to debunk the overhead myth.  Signed by the CEOs of GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the accompanying letter not only puts the overhead-obsessed on notice, it goes deeper by identifying the indicators that really do matter: transparency, leadership, governance and results.

Hopefully, this move will not only give donors better counsel on how to choose a charity, but it will also help non-profits begin to make the types of strategic investments in infrastructure that will lead to speedier progress in helping those in need and furthering the causes that are vital to our communities.

Read the full letter here.



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