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Advising Non-Profits in Organizational Development & Fund-Raising

The viability of any non-profit organization rests not only in the worthiness of its mission, but also in its capacity to build and maintain the resources sufficient to deliver impact.

The landscape of philanthropy has changed. Organizations are expected to be more transparent and demonstrate clear results from their work. Many organizations have not yet developed a long-term strategy for funding their efforts, and many others have long been dependent on a few key funders. This leaves their important work vulnerable to changing economic climates.

Ethos works closely with your organization and its Board to assess your current funding strategies, and develop a clear and effective plan to secure the funds needed to achieve your mission. We advise you on how to become more transparent and accountable to your supporters and the public, and how to articulate the impact of your work to the community. Ethos also works with your Board to make it stronger and more effective by conducting Board training, developing recruitment and nomination strategies, creating Board assessment tools, and coaching Boards on fund-raising.  Ethos also helps clients recruit and secure talented staff for your resource development operation by conducting professional searches for key positions, provides fund-raising coaching for non-profit CEOs, and offers interim leadership for organizations in transition.

WHAT WE PROVIDE (for more details on any of these services, please contact us):


  • Resource Development Evaluations & Assessments
  • Annual Resource Development Planning
  • Budgeting & Funding Priority Assessment
  • Integration of Marketing/Communications Strategy with Resource Development Planning
  • Development of Transparency & Accountability Metrics
  • Writing Services – Grants, Case Statements, Annual Reports, Direct Mail Appeals
  • Creation of Corporate Sponsorship Packages
  • Capital Campaign Consulting (feasibility study, campaign structure, timeline, and strategy)
  • Ongoing Retained Resource Development Consulting/Coaching


  • Short- and long-term interim leadership for CEO and Development Director positions.
  • Succession plans to ensure smooth transitions and successful on-boarding.
  • Stabilization of organizational operations and finances to create a strong setting for new leadership.
  • Maintaining organizational momentum, along with trust and engagement of key funders and partners.
  • Collaboration with Board leadership to address immediate priorities while planning for long-term impact.


  • Board Assessments
  • Board Development Strategies, Nomination Processes, Recruitment Policies & Training
  • Transforming Strategic Plans into Implementation Plans


  • Executive Search Services for Chief Development Positions
  • Development of Performance Metrics for Development Directors
  • Resource Development Coaching for Non-Profit CEOs/Executive Directors