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Advising Philanthropists in Giving

More and more, philanthropists are viewing their giving as an investment in a desired outcome rather than a simple donation or tax-deduction. Making wise charitable investments for long-term gains requires due diligence, and the guidance of experts who are familiar with how philanthropy leads to progress. With a growing number of charities working across a vast spectrum of causes, careful thought and attention are required to achieve your charitable goals. With 20 years of experience working with both donors and charities, Ethos can help you and your family identify those causes that are most important to you, and help you explore and assess charitable opportunities that match your values and core beliefs. We also work alongside your financial managers to make sure your charitable decisions align with your financial goals. Finally, we evaluate the impact of your giving to help better inform your future charitable decisions. We do all of this with the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity, and with clear focus on making your philanthropy an enriching experience that reinforces your desire to help others through your generosity.


  • Close consultation with you, your family and your advisers to develop your Philanthropic Mission Statement, which helps articulate your core values and becomes the basis of your future giving decisions.
  • Developing your Philanthropy Plan, reflecting your giving objectives and identifying causes that align with your Philanthropic Mission Statement.
  • Charity Due Diligence & Assessment, to identify the organizations best capable of meeting your goals and achieving clear outcomes.  This includes working directly with selected charities.
  • Impact Evaluation, to monitor progress toward – and achievement of – your charitable goals.

Advising Businesses in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Pursuit of the “triple bottom line” (people, planet, profit) has become more prevalent within many industries where companies are seeking both a competitive advantages and a legacy beyond profits. There are many worthy causes, and aligning your company with a specific cause or charity comes with many advantages – from nurturing employee morale to expanding your customer base. With experience working with companies from start-ups to those among the Fortune 500, Ethos assists your company in developing an impactful CSR program. This includes creating a comprehensive strategy to meet multiple objectives, evaluating opportunities, and ensuring that your investments achieve both your internal and external goals. We also add value to your existing CSR program by evaluating the impact of your current efforts, and identifying methods to better leverage your contributions and sponsorships.


  • Define and articulate objectives of your company’s CSR program for stakeholders, including employees, customers and investors.
  • Ensure alignment with your core business, and integration with your brand.
  • Develop metrics/ROI tools that will help measure the effectiveness of the program based on desired objectives.
  • Assess opportunities to engage employees in causes that align with their values, interests and community needs.
  • Identify and assess charities that align with your CSR goals.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of company-wide efforts, collaborating with both staff and your selected non-profit(s) to ensure the greatest impact.
  • Ensure your company receives appropriate recognition and that your charitable investment is maximized both for the good of the community and the good of your company.
  • Evaluate efforts and identify your company’s “best practices” for ongoing endeavors.